All our clothing items are accredited by WRAP, Amfori and OEKO-TEX.

Only ethically produced yarn is used to make our products.

Our clothing items are made in manufacturing facilities that are powered by renewable energy.

Our manufacturer does not use any animal products.

Our manufacturer follows a code of conduct thats committed to conducting business to the highest standards. This includes:

Health & Safety - Employers will provide a safe and healthy workplace to prevent accidents

Child Labour - Suppliers will not employ anybody under the local mandatory school age or under the local applicable employment age

Forced Labour - Suppliers will not used forced labour, including, but not limited to, prison labour, indentured or slave labour, or bonded labour

Our packaging

We use recyclable packaging wherever we can. Packaging includes paper envelopes, cardboard poster tubes, recyclable biodegradable mailing bags and tissue paper.


Our printer uses refillable cartridges which reduces the amount of waste that there would be using throw away cartridges.

Everything that we can recycle is recycled. We have an extra cardboard bin as lots of our supplies are delivered in cardboard boxes.


Our business is run from a home which means less energy use and no travelling to work.

The machines that we use to make your items are switched off after use.

We are constantly looking to improve so if you have any suggestions, feel free to email with them!